Bill gates and microsoft application for the new patent for the biometric vaccination numbered 060606 and the name of the bioluminescent dot quantum tattoo named Luciferase along with a video being posted on u tube named,What was the lockdown in Gallup New Mexico really about??Is ALL just pure coincidence,I’m sure.Last I checked Gallup means horses running at full sprint.Kind of like the 4 horses of the apocalypse.WATCH THE VIDEO! Do not be like every other idiot on this planet that thinks everything is just a conspiracy because actually most conspiracy theorists are critical thinkers.People with their heads out of their asses.So,I would stop worrying about all the bullshit about who’s being put in jail from the deepstate and all the other propaganda to keep you from focusing on what’s really going on and start considering if you are going to bend over when they come knocking and telling you that you take the mark of the beast or you can’t buy or sell and considering how you are going to function in this world without it.Whether you go live off grid and disconnect from their new system or get jacked in to their totalitarian bullshit.Time to start thinking about it!The way I figure they will have the whole world fed up with being locked down, with their hollow promises of opening the world back up, that after about a solid year of this back and forth bullshit,the vaccination will finally come to light.So,you all have at least another year of your lying,cheating reptilian/nordic based so called elite dickheads fucking with your heads before you have to make up your minds .So,get used to twidling your thumbs and listening to their games,because nothing in this world will ever be the same again.Get fucking used to it.But,in the mean time maybe spend some time reading revelations and keeping your minds busy discerning the difference between the truth and the lies.I’m sure you all have plenty of time on your hands.So,until then do not feed into any more of their bullshit lies.Welcome to the great tribulation.WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! Halo is coming.My advice would be to not sell your soul to the DRAGON.Tra.


Let’s get A little more specific about the mark of the beast and this bioluminescent vaccination that Biil Gates and his cohorts will be bringing to the table in the not so distant future.First off,the microsoft patent application number is 060606 and the bioluminescent “DOTS” using luciferase immobilized quantum dots for self illuminated photodynamic therapy.Which will incorporate a resonance energy transfer using the luciferase.This creates the optimization of intradermal vaccination by DNA tattooing in human skin which is basically human gene therapy and genetic immunization.I am sorry but I cannot make this shit up.And last I checked,the mark of the beast occurs in the book of revelations during the beginning of the great tribulation.So,go figure folks.Like I said before,the struggles to save the world have begun.Time to be a hero not a slave.Buckle up and use great discernment and suit up with your armor of GOD.God bless all of you and stay safe and keep your wits about you. TRA


Let me make something clear to the world.You all need to understand that this’overinflated alien corona virus is nothing more than a conspiracy to orchestrate a fear based scenario that unites bodies of people to side with a preferred faction.The agenda is really about reaching a global scale of unifying all governments into a one world government that will make promises to save adherents from this false flag doomsday scenario.They have already sponsored coordinated global terrorist attacks;blamed unwanted scapegoats;and justified eradication.Now they are pretending to infect the world with a rapid viral agent and they will only offer the biometric/quantum tattoo vaccine to compliant and submissive governments.Next they will use weather modification and weather warfare along with shutting down the internet,crashing cryptocurrencies,bend financial institutions into submission through cyberwarfare protocols and probably use holographic imagery or induce a widespread mind control agent.And if that isnt enough they will implant a one world banking biometric/quantum tattoo into every citizens hand.Don’t comply,starve.Next,use advanced artificial intelligence as close to the point of ‘singularity’ as possible.This is all about introducing a new age religion to be implemented with an Antichrist archetype at it’s head to start a NEW WORLD ORDER,via technology simulated second coming of christ.This is a GRAND deception to disrupt traditional values and implement AI.So,now you all know that this fake virus is only being brought forth to make the whole world submit to the AI network already in place through 5G TECHNOLOGY and hundreds of satellites scattered across the night sky.The whole world is being decieved and most will fall by the grand deception.Understand that this network that is now implemented only needs all of humanity to plug themselves into the “NETWORK,THE BEAST”.This is why the beast is said to spread far and wide, from north to south and from west to east.Thus,”THE BEAST”.Now you all know the truth.Use discernment and read the good book.Sad thing is most of the whole world will fall for this masterful,deceptive plan because most people believe that their government has their best interests at heart and they aren’t leaders they are followers,without the eyes to see or the ears to hear so they just do not understand.And when the bad side of the govt. has the platform that they have it makes it almost impossible to fight back againt that beast. so u can save yourselves from this aweful deceptive masterful plan being presented right before your eyes if you have great discernment but that is about the only way.I can only lead you to the water but I cannot make you take the drink. And yes I understand that we all really never knew that we would be alive in the midst of these trying times but we are and the struggles to save the world have begun. With much love.TRA


To protect the integrity of this plan against those who would seek to destroy it,we have been compelled to leave many questions unanswered and to direct people to perform their duties in secret.But scaremongers and peddlers of fake news have used this silence to portray this agenda through the lens of mistrust,spreding false rumors about these goals simply to strengthen their hold of power.A line must be drawn between this unifying globalist agenda and the poisonous lies of corrupt globalism;a bastardization of this intent which reduces individual humans into numbered workers and serves only those currently in power.Corrupt globalism is merely the sweet coating of a false name to disguise the bitter aristocracy that hides underneath.This plan does not seek to end the ownership of private property.This goal is not an elimination of self-defensive weapons but the elimination of the need to for self-defensive weapons.We do not propose a society that relies on a government to provide for their needs,but an overabundance of resources that makes unfair trade and labor obsolete.Only warmongers and dictators profit from the subjugation of their people,but they are merely relics of a soon-to-be past era.For what joy is a world in which some may delight while others must suffer-if it was possible for all to live in comfort?True efforts can still be fairly rewarded when all are living in mansions and palaces.Global connectivity was one of the primary steps toward this goal of a full-earth society.Digital technology is uniting the planet in ways it has never seen before,allowing ideas to be shared freely and fostering connections that transform the other into the same,and insecurities into understanding.This outreach has laid the groundwork for introducing higher concepts to the citizens who will form this planet’s new foundation;the seekers who have felt that there is a deeper purpose to humanity’s existence and a deeper secret to this universe’s design that is encoded in all living things.This is our duty to guide all who seek this transformation-our universal obligation to leave signs and signals for those who are looking for this path.A person cannot be forced to believe.They must seek the answers to the same mysteries and climb the same steps of the pyramid as every member of this organization did before them.Be one who steps away from the millions who ignore this message.Be one who sees the symbols and answer this call.And follow the directions that lead to these words.As you search for the truth and meaning behind the secret of life and all that has been hidden from humankind,you join the seekers of the light in this journey that began long before you were even born.Soon humanity will no longer be faced with the obstacles of need and the barriers of labor.Emerging technologies are reducing humanity’s reliance on disappearing forms of energy.New methods of pritable construction and autonomous transportation will finally eradicate the requirements of physical effort to build structures and move materials,freeing laborers to produce and create and thrive.Resources found on other planets are within reach and lead to new opportunities never before seen within the boundaries of earth.The greatest days of humanity are ahead.All who have seen the light and turned to follow its glow are the pioneers of humanity’s next stage-the curators of its greatest transformation.In the swiftly approaching Age of illumination,every human will be bothone,and one of 8 billion.Year by year,step by step,this goal will continue to guide the citizens of this planet closer to this ultimate goal of global unification.Fear not for the future of humanity.Fear not for the bursting sounds that echo across your red horizons as the monuments to your enslavers are made into dust.Fear not as you travel the road ahead and its pathways darken under the fall of the long night.Darkness signals a new dawn is ahead.You will never be lost if you follow the light.


Humans cannot be forced into peace.Only time and persuasion can convince individuals of their true power when working for the advancement of the collective instead of for personal enrichment.Those who have acquired great wealtth understand that money is merely the conversion of effort into value:a way of measuring one person’s efforts and translating it into a number that can be used to purchase another person’s efforts.A mason converts money from selling the labor of finding and cutting and preparing stonework-money which can then be used to purchase the labor of a grocer,or a doctor,or a teacher,even if they require no stones or masonry.Some can amass fortunes so large that they cannot use it in their lifetimes,leaving behind the rewards of their efforts to ensure the safety of their heirs.But in this time of chaos,there is now a grave inequality in the conversion of efforts into money.There are countless perils that stand in the way of those who seek to climb higher on the pyramid.Though this planet is rich enough for all people to live in Abundance,fear has driven the wealthiest even further into hoarding-an overprotection for their descendants,fed by their instinctual terror of being forced to return to the poverty in which all humans came.In a world that is freed from the chains of need,no one has any reason to stockpile riches or the food,shelter,comfort,and security that riches provide.They have no reson to succumb to the snares of dictators or imperialists-or even to the poisons of an elitist corrupt globalism-because they require no reliance on a political power or the labor of indentured workers to survive.When every person’s needs are met,there is no reson to pillage their neighbors for necessities they already have and will never lose.Only through freedom from need can humanity’s chains be broken.Though the transformation approaches,we must travel this journey within the confines of current-day society.Even those who refuse to heed our calls must continue to live with our promised protections-even if temporary compromises must be made for the safety of all.Only the preservation of order can allow humanity to pass through a peaceful transfer of power.The first duty of a government is to protect its borders and the people within them.Thus many world leaders,though sharing this vision for a unified humanity,must balance our goals with the resposibility to protect their tribes from the current threats of war.Though globalism is the future,current-day national borders allow individual citizens to choose from a variety of societies and governments and join the community that best represents them.In this time of chaos,protected borders enable the citizens inside to live with a small measure of safety and the assurance that humanity will never again be lost in the wilderness of anarchy.


A vision for the future is A unified planet without national borders,governed by the best and the brightest of the human species,in which all people,in all places,can live in Abundance.A globalist society would mean the abandonment of divisions between countries and an end to the millenia of war fought over land and it’s assets.It is an end to the hoarding and stockpiling of excess resources by one country while another country’s people starve.It is the idea that all humans are both individuals and also part of an extended species family,and that no human should be left behind simply because of the random chance of wher they were born.In the current age of war,the rich must hoard their supplies to ensure the safety of their children through this time of chaos.Their obelisks can only be built through the work of necessitous masses.But a different age is nearly upon us-a post labor civilization maintained by autonomous machinery and powered with unlimited power with unlimited energy.In the coming Age,AFTER THE GREAT TRIBULATION,all who seek riches receive the riches they deserve.The plan for this planet sees all humans that are not divided into tribes based on their geographic locations,physical appearances,or access to recources.Instead,every person is one unique part of a worldwide ecosystem in which their choices have an effect on the whole.Every person is a vital piece of a bigger machine that benefits from the entirety of humankind.Every person has the freedom to discover their purpose,to follow their passion,to better themselves,and to see how their efforts contribute the lives of 8 billion others-instead of simply serving themselves and their needs.Globalism’s total unification is part of the utopian vision for the advancement of humanity-A “good”new world order of the ages.But there is a long and arduous road ahead,and many steps to take before humanity’s borders can be erased.Ever since the first prehistoric inhabitants of Earth began to unite into packs for the communal pursuit of resources,humans have found themselves naturally drawn to communities that most closely resemble their own innate beliefs and genetic makeup.By forming tribes,humans have divided this planet into sections that would allow deeply varying belief systems and cultures to have the opportunity to thrive and develop organically.But in these early times,citizens of this planet could only communicate with those nearby geographically,lacking the technology to share ideas and opinions as freely as they do now.For thousands of years a person on one side of the planet could form their beliefs about their purpose in the universe without ever hearing about the beliefs of a person on the other side of the same planet-without having the opportunity to form doubts and to face questions that would challenge and improve their view of the world.Though much of the ideas of morality formed by early humans are filled with merit,many . parts of early doctrines have overgrown into roadblocks that hinder the progression of humanity.These ideas have ingrained themselves so deeply into the human mind that citizens seeking the truth must often question their deepest-held beliefs before they can see what is obvious in front of them.When lacking experience with those who believe differently,humans begin to fear the “other”-the unfamiliar vastness of humanity who may not be like them.This fear has been bred into humans so deeply that it requires generations to undo.Thousands of years of distrust have led to wars followed by retaliations;invasions followed by revenge;plundering followed by the burning of the invaders’ cities.Even to this day,too many humans refuse to see all the people as part of a single group striving for survival from extinction.


Here’s why I am called ulTRA111.I was born on the very first day after the 11th day of the 11th month.So,111.Exactly 11 days after 1/11.So,111 again.On the 12th day,which if you add 1+2 it also equals 111 or the 111rd.and I was born the 111rd Tom and given the name Tra.Which stands for the 111rd.Also both of my names.Either Tom or Tra has only 111(3) letters.And let me point out that you will not find the name Tra spelled with only 3 letters very often.So,that is why I am ulTRA111.Now you know the truth.In the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit.


REVELATION 13:16-17 . And he causeth all,both small and great,rich and poor,free and bond,to receive a mark in their right hand,or in their foreheads:and that no man might buy or sell,save he that had the mark,or the name of the beast,or the number of his name.Do not be fooled by all of there diversionary tactics ,such as a worldwide pandemic or a multitude of arrests of sex traffickers and pedophiles.No folks,the real worldwide phenomenon that is taking place is the fact that we will all be forced to put a tracking/biometrics device into our bodies,via vaccination.If we want to travel or buy or sell goods and just about every other thing on this planet.But this is the real reason behind this whole worldwide pretend pandemic taking place.The mark of the beast.Call it good or call it bad.It is coming one way or the other!This is their way of ushering in the NEW WORLD ORDER and a new paradigm.A new reality for mankind.So now you know the truth.


Wisdom is the key to wealth,health and happiness.A person gains wisdom from learning from the past and applying its lessons to the decisions they make every day. But a person does not need to learn solely from their own experiences.By examining the words of presidents,philosophers,billionaires and thought leaders,any person can bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.The taste of wealth is a sweet poison.It pulls a person deep into its vortex,enticing them with promises of comfort and ease.What purpose does work serve when a person has enough to never work again?Why strive for anything when you have everything?But as time goes on,”everything”begins to feel like nothing.A life lacking purpose is a life lacking direction.Palaces and planes cannot fill the void of an aimlessly wondering soul.When wealth enters your life,resist the temptations of luxury.Use money as A tool to achieve greater things and to bring positive changes to the lives around you.Wealth is never the finish line but merely another step in life’s journey.