This is a creation story about making the world great again-hence,#JOKERREVOLUTION®. A revolution based upon TRUTH and LOVE not HATE and VIOLENCE. This story is all about seeing through all of the lies that we all have been fed, through, an evil oligarch that has infiltrated every single branch of our belief system in order to keep us enslaved in order to feed off of human suffering. I also realize that what I am about to reveal to you is hard to accept but, also remember that it is now almost 2020 so, it is time for humanity to see clearly now.

I AM NOW GOING TO DO MY ABSOLUTE BEST TO REVEAL WHAT ALL OF HUMANITY NEEDS TO KNOW SO THAT YOU ALL CAN STRIVE FOR A BETTER WAY/LIFE. We need to be HEROS, not SLAVES. Believe it or not, the system that has overtaken all of us, it is created to spawn crime and human suffering.PURE and SIMPLE. A blind man could see it. Time to wise up and stop consenting to this belief system.

the JOKE has been on us all long enough and there is only one option left-to BECOME the punchline! Because he who laughs last laughs loudest. #JOKERREVOLUTION® IS HERE TO SPARK A REVOLUTION TO END THIS CYCLE OF SLAVERY. Because this capitalistic system is all about perpetual slavery and last I checked, God considers each and every one of us ROYALTY. Meaning that it is time to band together and spark this revolution to end slavery. We all deserve a better way/life!ALL of our unalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being violated every single day of our lives! Don’t fool yourself into believing it isn’t so! I AM THE ORIGINAL BRINGER OF THE DAWN, meaning it is time to see clearly now and this is about a better way/life because it is also a new day! Also, saving the world can be more fun than being a slave.

LET ME MAKE ONE THING CLEAR TO Y’ALL. The declaration of independence clearly states that if our govt. or anybody else is violating our unalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that it is our RIGHT and our DUTY to get rid of the system and create a new one!#JOKERREVOLUTION®. That means that NOBODY has the right to kill another human being. All it takes is for the govt.to violate one person’s unalienable rights and its over. We have let this go on for far far to long and we are here and we have this unique opportunity to have a peaceful revolution #JOKERREVOLUTION®. So that we can win this cold war that being waged against us.

The evil people cannot continue to do there evil shit as long as we Stand up and say, hey guys, this is done. Because we are the adults of this planet and as an adult, it is our responsibility to STOP evil shit from happening when we see it happening. Just because it is out of sight does not mean it needs to be out of mind! We need to Bring about world peace. To establish a new world order that protects ALL human beings. Last I checked, GOD is the founding father of the future and so is whoever bands together with GOD and joins this revolutionary movement that is long long long overdue.

We, the jokers, have TRUTH and LOVE on our side forever. Something the EVIL people that are ENSLAVING US do not have! A power they do not possess.WHAT they do possess though is a demonic spirit that has complete power over them and is manifested through their speech and actions. But inside of each and every one of us is the joker. So, it is time to find the joker in each and every one of us, because he lives inside of each and every one of us as Jesus Christ.

The joker is actually working behind the scenes, with batman, to help save Gotham(THE WORLD). There truly is A better way/life and if u stick with me long enough I will reveal It later on down the line. Remember this is only the spark to spark this revolution. #JOKERREVOLUTION® and to activate the train so that it can keep on a rollin all night long. I wrote this now so that there would be something to SEE when Y’ALL googled #jokerrevolution® rather than nothing at all before the movie comes out on the third. So, stay tuned in for much much more about this better way of life and this revolutionary movement. Until then take care of yourselves and be safe.TRA.