Bill gates and microsoft application for the new patent for the biometric vaccination numbered 060606 and the name of the bioluminescent dot quantum tattoo named Luciferase along with a video being posted on u tube named,What was the lockdown in Gallup New Mexico really about??Is ALL just pure coincidence,I’m sure.Last I checked Gallup means horses running at full sprint.Kind of like the 4 horses of the apocalypse.WATCH THE VIDEO! Do not be like every other idiot on this planet that thinks everything is just a conspiracy because actually most conspiracy theorists are critical thinkers.People with their heads out of their asses.So,I would stop worrying about all the bullshit about who’s being put in jail from the deepstate and all the other propaganda to keep you from focusing on what’s really going on and start considering if you are going to bend over when they come knocking and telling you that you take the mark of the beast or you can’t buy or sell and considering how you are going to function in this world without it.Whether you go live off grid and disconnect from their new system or get jacked in to their totalitarian bullshit.Time to start thinking about it!The way I figure they will have the whole world fed up with being locked down, with their hollow promises of opening the world back up, that after about a solid year of this back and forth bullshit,the vaccination will finally come to light.So,you all have at least another year of your lying,cheating reptilian/nordic based so called elite dickheads fucking with your heads before you have to make up your minds .So,get used to twidling your thumbs and listening to their games,because nothing in this world will ever be the same again.Get fucking used to it.But,in the mean time maybe spend some time reading revelations and keeping your minds busy discerning the difference between the truth and the lies.I’m sure you all have plenty of time on your hands.So,until then do not feed into any more of their bullshit lies.Welcome to the great tribulation.WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! Halo is coming.My advice would be to not sell your soul to the DRAGON.Tra.

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