Let’s get A little more specific about the mark of the beast and this bioluminescent vaccination that Biil Gates and his cohorts will be bringing to the table in the not so distant future.First off,the microsoft patent application number is 060606 and the bioluminescent “DOTS” using luciferase immobilized quantum dots for self illuminated photodynamic therapy.Which will incorporate a resonance energy transfer using the luciferase.This creates the optimization of intradermal vaccination by DNA tattooing in human skin which is basically human gene therapy and genetic immunization.I am sorry but I cannot make this shit up.And last I checked,the mark of the beast occurs in the book of revelations during the beginning of the great tribulation.So,go figure folks.Like I said before,the struggles to save the world have begun.Time to be a hero not a slave.Buckle up and use great discernment and suit up with your armor of GOD.God bless all of you and stay safe and keep your wits about you. TRA

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