Let me make something clear to the world.You all need to understand that this’overinflated alien corona virus is nothing more than a conspiracy to orchestrate a fear based scenario that unites bodies of people to side with a preferred faction.The agenda is really about reaching a global scale of unifying all governments into a one world government that will make promises to save adherents from this false flag doomsday scenario.They have already sponsored coordinated global terrorist attacks;blamed unwanted scapegoats;and justified eradication.Now they are pretending to infect the world with a rapid viral agent and they will only offer the biometric/quantum tattoo vaccine to compliant and submissive governments.Next they will use weather modification and weather warfare along with shutting down the internet,crashing cryptocurrencies,bend financial institutions into submission through cyberwarfare protocols and probably use holographic imagery or induce a widespread mind control agent.And if that isnt enough they will implant a one world banking biometric/quantum tattoo into every citizens hand.Don’t comply,starve.Next,use advanced artificial intelligence as close to the point of ‘singularity’ as possible.This is all about introducing a new age religion to be implemented with an Antichrist archetype at it’s head to start a NEW WORLD ORDER,via technology simulated second coming of christ.This is a GRAND deception to disrupt traditional values and implement AI.So,now you all know that this fake virus is only being brought forth to make the whole world submit to the AI network already in place through 5G TECHNOLOGY and hundreds of satellites scattered across the night sky.The whole world is being decieved and most will fall by the grand deception.Understand that this network that is now implemented only needs all of humanity to plug themselves into the “NETWORK,THE BEAST”.This is why the beast is said to spread far and wide, from north to south and from west to east.Thus,”THE BEAST”.Now you all know the truth.Use discernment and read the good book.Sad thing is most of the whole world will fall for this masterful,deceptive plan because most people believe that their government has their best interests at heart and they aren’t leaders they are followers,without the eyes to see or the ears to hear so they just do not understand.And when the bad side of the govt. has the platform that they have it makes it almost impossible to fight back againt that beast. so u can save yourselves from this aweful deceptive masterful plan being presented right before your eyes if you have great discernment but that is about the only way.I can only lead you to the water but I cannot make you take the drink. And yes I understand that we all really never knew that we would be alive in the midst of these trying times but we are and the struggles to save the world have begun. With much love.TRA

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