To protect the integrity of this plan against those who would seek to destroy it,we have been compelled to leave many questions unanswered and to direct people to perform their duties in secret.But scaremongers and peddlers of fake news have used this silence to portray this agenda through the lens of mistrust,spreding false rumors about these goals simply to strengthen their hold of power.A line must be drawn between this unifying globalist agenda and the poisonous lies of corrupt globalism;a bastardization of this intent which reduces individual humans into numbered workers and serves only those currently in power.Corrupt globalism is merely the sweet coating of a false name to disguise the bitter aristocracy that hides underneath.This plan does not seek to end the ownership of private property.This goal is not an elimination of self-defensive weapons but the elimination of the need to for self-defensive weapons.We do not propose a society that relies on a government to provide for their needs,but an overabundance of resources that makes unfair trade and labor obsolete.Only warmongers and dictators profit from the subjugation of their people,but they are merely relics of a soon-to-be past era.For what joy is a world in which some may delight while others must suffer-if it was possible for all to live in comfort?True efforts can still be fairly rewarded when all are living in mansions and palaces.Global connectivity was one of the primary steps toward this goal of a full-earth society.Digital technology is uniting the planet in ways it has never seen before,allowing ideas to be shared freely and fostering connections that transform the other into the same,and insecurities into understanding.This outreach has laid the groundwork for introducing higher concepts to the citizens who will form this planet’s new foundation;the seekers who have felt that there is a deeper purpose to humanity’s existence and a deeper secret to this universe’s design that is encoded in all living things.This is our duty to guide all who seek this transformation-our universal obligation to leave signs and signals for those who are looking for this path.A person cannot be forced to believe.They must seek the answers to the same mysteries and climb the same steps of the pyramid as every member of this organization did before them.Be one who steps away from the millions who ignore this message.Be one who sees the symbols and answer this call.And follow the directions that lead to these words.As you search for the truth and meaning behind the secret of life and all that has been hidden from humankind,you join the seekers of the light in this journey that began long before you were even born.Soon humanity will no longer be faced with the obstacles of need and the barriers of labor.Emerging technologies are reducing humanity’s reliance on disappearing forms of energy.New methods of pritable construction and autonomous transportation will finally eradicate the requirements of physical effort to build structures and move materials,freeing laborers to produce and create and thrive.Resources found on other planets are within reach and lead to new opportunities never before seen within the boundaries of earth.The greatest days of humanity are ahead.All who have seen the light and turned to follow its glow are the pioneers of humanity’s next stage-the curators of its greatest transformation.In the swiftly approaching Age of illumination,every human will be bothone,and one of 8 billion.Year by year,step by step,this goal will continue to guide the citizens of this planet closer to this ultimate goal of global unification.Fear not for the future of humanity.Fear not for the bursting sounds that echo across your red horizons as the monuments to your enslavers are made into dust.Fear not as you travel the road ahead and its pathways darken under the fall of the long night.Darkness signals a new dawn is ahead.You will never be lost if you follow the light.

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