Humans cannot be forced into peace.Only time and persuasion can convince individuals of their true power when working for the advancement of the collective instead of for personal enrichment.Those who have acquired great wealtth understand that money is merely the conversion of effort into value:a way of measuring one person’s efforts and translating it into a number that can be used to purchase another person’s efforts.A mason converts money from selling the labor of finding and cutting and preparing stonework-money which can then be used to purchase the labor of a grocer,or a doctor,or a teacher,even if they require no stones or masonry.Some can amass fortunes so large that they cannot use it in their lifetimes,leaving behind the rewards of their efforts to ensure the safety of their heirs.But in this time of chaos,there is now a grave inequality in the conversion of efforts into money.There are countless perils that stand in the way of those who seek to climb higher on the pyramid.Though this planet is rich enough for all people to live in Abundance,fear has driven the wealthiest even further into hoarding-an overprotection for their descendants,fed by their instinctual terror of being forced to return to the poverty in which all humans came.In a world that is freed from the chains of need,no one has any reason to stockpile riches or the food,shelter,comfort,and security that riches provide.They have no reson to succumb to the snares of dictators or imperialists-or even to the poisons of an elitist corrupt globalism-because they require no reliance on a political power or the labor of indentured workers to survive.When every person’s needs are met,there is no reson to pillage their neighbors for necessities they already have and will never lose.Only through freedom from need can humanity’s chains be broken.Though the transformation approaches,we must travel this journey within the confines of current-day society.Even those who refuse to heed our calls must continue to live with our promised protections-even if temporary compromises must be made for the safety of all.Only the preservation of order can allow humanity to pass through a peaceful transfer of power.The first duty of a government is to protect its borders and the people within them.Thus many world leaders,though sharing this vision for a unified humanity,must balance our goals with the resposibility to protect their tribes from the current threats of war.Though globalism is the future,current-day national borders allow individual citizens to choose from a variety of societies and governments and join the community that best represents them.In this time of chaos,protected borders enable the citizens inside to live with a small measure of safety and the assurance that humanity will never again be lost in the wilderness of anarchy.

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