Wisdom is the key to wealth,health and happiness.A person gains wisdom from learning from the past and applying its lessons to the decisions they make every day. But a person does not need to learn solely from their own experiences.By examining the words of presidents,philosophers,billionaires and thought leaders,any person can bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.The taste of wealth is a sweet poison.It pulls a person deep into its vortex,enticing them with promises of comfort and ease.What purpose does work serve when a person has enough to never work again?Why strive for anything when you have everything?But as time goes on,”everything”begins to feel like nothing.A life lacking purpose is a life lacking direction.Palaces and planes cannot fill the void of an aimlessly wondering soul.When wealth enters your life,resist the temptations of luxury.Use money as A tool to achieve greater things and to bring positive changes to the lives around you.Wealth is never the finish line but merely another step in life’s journey.

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