REVELATION 13:16-17 . And he causeth all,both small and great,rich and poor,free and bond,to receive a mark in their right hand,or in their foreheads:and that no man might buy or sell,save he that had the mark,or the name of the beast,or the number of his name.Do not be fooled by all of there diversionary tactics ,such as a worldwide pandemic or a multitude of arrests of sex traffickers and pedophiles.No folks,the real worldwide phenomenon that is taking place is the fact that we will all be forced to put a tracking/biometrics device into our bodies,via vaccination.If we want to travel or buy or sell goods and just about every other thing on this planet.But this is the real reason behind this whole worldwide pretend pandemic taking place.The mark of the beast.Call it good or call it bad.It is coming one way or the other!This is their way of ushering in the NEW WORLD ORDER and a new paradigm.A new reality for mankind.So now you know the truth.

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