There hasn’t been A more opportune time,in present history,to take advantage of this unique opportunity,to get this revolution off the ground.Remember,this revolutionary movement is based upon TRUTH and LOVE not LIES and HATE.Which the “ENSLAVERS” possess.However,this does not mean that we cannot bring violence to the table,if need arises.But,this only means that we will protect ourselves if physically attacked.We,as the truthseekers and truth revealers,never strike first with violence!Let me make that point abundantly clear. The point that NEED’S to be driven home,is that,for god”s sake,there has to be and there is a better way of life out there.And the whole world needs to understand and realize that!Capitalism,socialism and communism,obviously are not the true answers.So,where do we go from here?Before I get into that,let’s start by making it clear that this capitalistic system that we’ve been governed by is CLEARLY,not the answer! Alot of people on this planet are going to find out just how bad this,so called,great system,is going to fuck them when they lose their homes,businesses,pensions and alot of what they have worked there whole lives for! After the govt. has there way with completely destroying and tanking this economy.Do not be fooled by what is coming! This Viral infection IS NOT GOING AWAY ANY TIME SOON! As a matter of fact,prepare to be quarantined to your occupancies for a long while.I can’t say exactly how long but,a few months minimum I would highly suspect.Which,by the way,is totally illegal.How long do you really believe that people are going to live like this before they completely snap;then what?Use your imagination.I would suspect mass panic and an uprising from folks who just will not accept it anymore.Take a look at Dana white,the UFC president.Who,by the way,is a multi millionaire,with a basketball court and every other ammenity at his disposal ,in his plush Las vegas mansion.WHO COULD LIVE FOR YEARS HIGH ON THE HOG.However,he is already pushing for life to be returned to normalcy,so that people can still get out and enjoy there lives,like the god given children we are of this planet.It is one thing to contain a virus,but at what cost to our social liberties and for how long?Now,enough about that.Let’s get onto the real issue here.Believe it or not,the way I understand it.Some top scientists told certain billionaires,that the world would be mostly under water within seven years.So,there bright idea was to create the corona virus in underground laboratories(our good old CDC,lets call them the centers for disease creation,shall we?)Then they were able to find certain individuals,who were convinced they were fighting a noble cause.We’ll call them suicide carriers.Who then, not beyond their will,infected themselves and were transported to china to lead people to believe that that is where the virus originated.Which couldn’t be further from the truth.listen to the song born in the u.s.a.That is what that song is really all about.Trust me,the powers to be (TPTB)are well aware of all of these shenanigans.This is why we keep being shown high definition aerial maps of countries highly infected with major smog reduction.Making sense now?Less emissions,less polar ice cap melting and less reduction of ruining our eco system.It’s true!This in turn,in there psychopathic minds,will keep our planet from sinking below the waves.Brilliant,eh?But,the beautiful silver lining in the midst of this horrendous atrocity against mankind,is that ,in the end.When it is all said and done we will have emerged wiser,stronger and we will grasp on to a new,better way of life, for what is left of mankind. We will overcome and adapt to whatever is thrown our way because that”s what humans do.We are resilient and we do not go away easily.We are divine sparks expelled from the pleroma.With this being said we need to remember that jesus christ(EmanuEL) was trying to inculcate the message that humanity needs to focus more on cooperating with one another,rather than waking up everyday and throwing themselves into a system based on competition!Maybe now is the time,in the midst of what is going on on this planet,to sit back and reflect on how out of control everything has gotten.Do you really think that this way could go on forever!??Hell no it couldn’t.Now is the time to think deeply about this because we have now been forced to slow down a little bit.And that is NOT a bad thing!So,already,we have good coming from all this bad.Unfortunately this event had to help bring about this awakening but,isn’t it like that often with humanity;somebody has to be killed before laws are put into place to save someones life or lives?Shouldn’t it be the other way around?of course it should.However,and alot of times.Humanity has to learn the hard way.My point exactly. I know that I,myself,learn most things the hard way and I kick myself in the ass everyday for being so hard headed.We must sometimes let go of what our hearts lead us into and use our noodles sometimes.Not always the other way around.My damn heart has gotten me into alot of pickles in my lifetime.But,men with big hearts tend to be leadersSo,it is time to wise up!Sometimes as much as it doesn’t feel right not to listen to our hearts,we still must and we must know when to let go of our hearts in the moments of attack!Pay close attention to these words because you may need to hear them resonate in your minds in near event circumstances.We are getting ready for difficult roads ahead and we must think clearly if we want to survive.Many of have loved ones who will be counting on us so stay clear headed and know when to listen to your heart or to listen to your mind.This is a critical point.Here is another critical point to keep in mind,some of the opposition that we will be facing have completely removed themselves from the real god.They are so far removed that they have literally extinguished the divine spark inside them through pure evil.Given this premise,those lacking the spark are some of the most evil people throughout history.Such as Adolph hitler or Josef stalin.Lacking ones sense of there divine spark keeps one from sensing reality and most are unaware of the spark inside themselves.A condition encouraged by the demiurge and his wicked servants,the archons.So,it is of the utmost imortance to recognize our divine spark within ourselves to keep ourselves free from our flawed existence within our universe.this is crucial.Our planet is a ticking time bomb,the titanic is sinking.Time to take the path of the hero,the spirit of the hero is inside of each and everyone of us.Find it now,before it is to late.Dig deep and you will see that the spirit of the hero is there,just look hard enough and it will emerge.It is our destiny to remember and find the truth that has been hidden from us!It is time to band together and liberate ourselves.We deserve better.Finding the truth is our mission and our destiny.Do not forget that!We are the 111crew and and we are the real resistance against the evildoersWe must stand up for ourselves now.If not us then who and if not now then when!?? We are being robbed of our god given rights to life liberty and the pusuit of fucking happiness by these evil fucking bastards!And I dont know about you but Im fucking more than over this corrupt political,judicial and all around fucked up system that we all have been led to believe is the only way.And it has not only been severely corrupted but it is severely just not fucking the right way to any sense of happiness and normalcy,in my opinion!Time to wake the fuck up and band together and remember that we have been and are being lied to at just about every level to keeo us enslaved and it is time to stand up for ourselves now people!!! We are the 111crew,the army from heaven,reincarnated back onto this planet to free ourselves from the slavemasters once and for all!