Government oppression

In protests around the world, one image stands out: The Joker

I’m about to bust things wide open folks so,don’t stop the protesting around the world against this govt.oppression/suppression.Stick with me and we’ll get this done!We deserve the truth! We are kept in the dark with “there” usual tactics of subterfuge, infiltration, lies, and deception. And, of course, their most potent weapon: mind control through propaganda.Let’s start with our central banking system and how the”napoleans”,polls of ticks(politicians)-either,republi-cons or demon-crats permit this use of this “system”to control the economy and the masses through currency and a central bank,which was set up almost 3000 years ago,right up to the present day.By this means “they”are able to reward their friends and bring them to power by financing huge enterprises,while eliminating their adversaries through the tightening of funds.It is a hallmark of “their”control.Especially,it allows them to finance war.Worldwide “they”profit immensely from war from both sides!Not only does it reduce the general human population,it also makes the survivors more desperate for assistance,which “they”can provide from their now overflowing coffers-at a price.And so they can change nations and populations,moving them around as on a chessboard.It is well known thatbanks and large industrial combines profited greatly from both World Wars.In later years,in the united states,Thomas jefferson and Andrew jackson saw through this ruse andfought not to allow central banking as best they could.Jackson,especially,waged a heroic battle to prevent the establishment of a central bank.Their efforts forestalled the advent of such a bank for about a century,but in 1913 the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank completed the takeover of the American economy by “certain”front men and opened the funding floodgates that financed World War 1 and all the U.S. wars to follow.The central banking system is,make no mistake,the unchallenged authority,across our world!We are governed through politics and religion,respectfully;that is,through puppet polls of ticks(politicians)and a certain priesthood.they have molded,shaped and reshaped the world at their whim and expiremented with the antediluvian[sic]knowledge that was and still is,their legacy.Make no mistake about it!Reminders of their control go all the way back to ancient Egypt when they embedded it in the popular culture.There was a god Sobek,who had the head of a crocodile,and was included in the Egyptian pantheon as a god of creation.During the 18th Dynasty he was known as a god of battle and of finance.The caduceus rod circled by two snakes has endured through 3000 years until today,now as a symbol of the American Medical Association.Moreover,to make certain that the people knew who was really in charge,they instituted the embedding of a coiled cobra in the front of the pharaoh’s crown,with the snakes head pointing straight ahead,as if ready to strike.It is now called a uraeus,from the greek meaning”on its tail”.It’s presence conferred legitimacy on the pharaoh,and it was even affixed in the crowns of the gods Horus and Set on statuary.It’s presence on the pharaoh’s crown is said to date back to the Old Kingdom,around 3000 BCE.What ,possibly,could such an emblem placed prominently over the pharaoh’s forehead signify,other than the rulership over the pharaoh by the central banking system.(Brotherhood of the snake)?